19 Giugno 2024
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Our online newspaper

HOT drive news is an online newspaper dedicated in particular to all car fans and autofreaks.
The philosophy of this online newspaper is to stay on the news in real time, in the sense that, when a new car model will be presented by the automotive industry, we will give the opportunity to our readers to find out before anyone else, it is clearly a very difficult competition, because the other editors don't sleep, we are part of this team and we will do everything to be able to place ourselves in the first places with our news up you give on the minute!

The car market has been radically changing in recent months, there is an unbridled rush to continue with electric cars, while they would like to retire the internal combustion engine, but I am convinced that for many years the endothermic engine will accompany us on our short or long-term trips.

I wish you all the best by reading of our articles.


your Enrico Langone

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